I often think how easy it is to start something. Now, I know of course, that there is effort in beginning anew, and yet I suspect we struggle even more in completing things we have started, at least I do. I am not a quitter and yet, I had worked on my book for years, always knowing I would write it, just not sure when I would finish it. I share this as a means to encourage you in finishing whatever it is that you have started. Having just finished my book, I am present to a new found freedom, both mentally and spiritually. I have said what I wanted to say. Of course, there are now new tasks to embrace in sharing my book AND I no longer hear or feel the fairly consistent nudge of “when am I going to get this done?” At some point, you and I simply declare, this is it. While you and I may have more to say, we end one conversation, one story, one documentary, one whatever it is and call it finished.