Wow, summer is quickly passing, we have been in a heatwave while other parts of the country are experiencing severe rainfall. It is easy to hear in the conversations of folks how quickly we all can get wrapped up in managing the outer circumstances of life and yet….

most of us also have heard, seen, or even experienced that getting all the circumstances right is no promise of a fulfilling life. 

A guest was on the farm recently and when I asked how they had first taken on their own health and healing, this is what was said. “Well, all my dreams had come true, and yet I wasn’t happy.” 

There is power in the simplicity and honesty of that response. Think about it. Do you imagine that you will be happier if, or when?

Consider that is the source of the discontent that perhaps we all, even us as a culture, get caught up in. The idea that somehow our happiness is tied to our circumstances. 

It isn’t an easy habit to break, and many people have certainly demonstrated the lie of this, yet we all go there sometimes. 

It takes an aware and responsible person to live from the truth that your circumstances do not dictate your happiness. Happiness is actually a choice. 

That is both the good news and the bad news, it is you and I who choose, yet we keep wanting to point our finger or blame someone or something out there for the condition of our life. 

Ok, now what. 

Consider that the awareness that it isn’t our conditions but it is who we are being (remember being is what we think, what we say, what we do, what our attitude and beliefs are) that dictate our experience 

Just see if you can imagine for a moment being someone who no matter what happens you remain free to choose, and your choice could be anything. 

That is real freedom. 

There are people who have also demonstrated this for us and most of us admire and are inspired by them. 

So this week, go inward when you feel confronted, rather than looking for shifting or fixing, or changing some outward circumstance, see if you can identify who you are being, and go to work on you first.  The interesting thing is once you do that it will seem as if the outer circumstances are different, but really what has shifted is your inner world through which you experience all that is out there. 

So as I sign off and until next time, consider that all the goodies in life, all the things you think you want are actually only available from the inside out.