WOW, its you and me once again, my heart is full, I know some new people have joined us on this journey and I am always grateful for every one of you doing the work to be freer, so thank you. 

Free from what you may be asking yourself, well for me what I have discovered is what keeps me trapped are my own thoughts, my own actions, my own lop sided beliefs or lousy attitudes, there is a deep love pulsating through all of life (that is everywhere, in everyone) and I only experience it to the degree that I get out of my own way, that I do the work to remove the blocks in the flow of that love, that is what I believe we are freed of, and this podcast is simply a reminder, a check point, a nudge, a word of encouragement and some guidance along the way. 

Ok, let’s look at rejoicing. My son was here this past weekend and several times when there was a breakdown or crisis he commented on my  response by saying something like, “you can’t see anything other than the bright side.” Well, truthfully, I do, I  just don’t stay there and dwell in it for too long. I suspect that is a learned and practice response from a fairly long life. 

Even now at the end of each day I see multiple moments where I could have rejoiced, that I missed. Oh sure, I have practiced catching more than I used to. and still so many slip through the cracks. 

Think about it, what can or could you are rejoicing? Drift back to just this morning when you first opened your eyes, start your list and then move through your day until you arrive at this moment, the one you and I are currently sharing, how many opportunities were there to rejoice ?

Here is the definition


/rəˈjois/verb feel or show great joy or delight.” he rejoiced in her spontaneity and directness”

Consider that joy can be brought to almost any moment and rejoicing will arise. 

I was the Easter bunny(in a fun large blow up costume) recently and I  noticed just how much freedom I had to rejoice. It was as if the costume gave me permission. 

So, how could be “dress up” in other words, what costume could be adorn that would offer us the freedom to be rejoicing more often. 

Why did the costume give me freedom, well consider it was because all the restrictions I have placed on how I see myself and how I perceive others see me were currently= as least for the time I was in the costume, simply not there. Those blocks in the flow were removed so to speak by my stepping into another presence – this one being a bunny, that quite frankly many of the children were afraid of. But guess what, I was patient, I kept saying I loved them. I reached out my hand and let they move towards me, I waited and in many many cases they did, they moved in, for holding hands, or a picture of a hug, some being held  by mom or dad and some all by themselves. My freedom began to be matched but theirs, That’s how it works. 

So as I sign off and until next time, think about the “costume” you wear and 

Let’s all sing more, let’s all laugh more. let’s all dance more, let’s all love more.