Wow here we are once again and once again I am rejoicing in our time together. So, thank you for being here, for making the time to listen in and then most of all to incorporate what you hear into your life so that you experience some new freedom, some new joy, some new something that matters to you in your experience of life. I appreciate you. You make a difference in my journey too. 

I’m not sure how sacrifice became the topic for today, maybe it was the Easter season, maybe it was the presence of the Sacred or Sacrament, however it came up I am seeing something in a way I never saw it before and am excited to see what you see.  You can always connect with me and share your thoughts as I love hearing from you. 

Anyway, i always recoiled a bit when ever someone spoke about Sacrifice. I saw it as a killing off of something, a giving up but mostly I think I experienced it as forced, or mandatory. I’m not sure why, maybe it was the way the word has been used in my life, as if someone gave up something for me and I somehow owed them, I don’t know. Take a moment and sit with the word and see where you feel it in your body or what it brings up for you. Maybe pause this and write out a word or two, or a short sentence. Then listen in again

When I looked up the word Sacrifice, or course the first definition that showed up was 


/ˈsakrəˌfīs/See definitions in:


  1. an act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to God or to a divine or supernatural figure.”they offer sacrifices to the spirits”

offer or kill as a religious sacrifice.


ritual slaughter






It became easier for me to see why I resisted it. HOWEVER, I stuck with my inquiry and started to look at just how many ways a sacrifice was made that benefited me.   For example:

In nature the dying that occurs annually, the bees, the branches that get pruned, the microorganisms, even yes, the animals. Then the sacrifices of those who serve, the garbage man, and the ones who work at the dump, now, of course, they may have chosen their jobs and even love them, however, if I look at the things I choose and even the things I love to do, I can see that I also experience having made a sacrifice, how about yo

Look at your life, where do you experience sacrificing? When I look at it this way I can see that nearly everything I might appreciate or enjoy someone contributed to in some way, or made a sacrifice. Thank about it, doing without anything could be considered a sacrifice. 

Often whenever someone does something for someone else it’s an act of sacrifice. Now the person giving of their time, money, or energy doesn’t necessarily see or experience it as a sacrifice but it is. See when we give up freely when we give up happily when we give up with love you are sacrificing. So perhaps my resistance to sacrificing is that it is often presented as something other than a choice when it fact, choosing to give, or go without, or lay down one’s life is a choice and the choice itself is at the heart of the sacrifice. 

So to all of you consider that you sacrifice daily and others sacrifice on your behalf and I suspect we will all live in the state of more grace, more gratitude when we keep our heart open to all of those and all the ways sacrifices are gladly made day after day after day.

So as I sign off and until next time, go give, share love, sacrifice and do it happily.