(This is a transcript of the podcast by the same name)

WOW its our time together once again and I am grateful. 

Do you know that you are my heroes? That your courage to face whatever you are facing and walk right through it to the light on the other side is what inspires me? 

Do you know that no matter how difficult it is or how unsure of yourself, newfound freedom and joy are awaiting you? 

Do you know that I am honored to be traveling this path with you and I am cheering you on and learning and growing right alongside you? We are in this together. So Thank you.

I was talking with a friend recently about marketing and one of the conversations we had was how often people don’t want to be identified as being in recovery and yet… that is one of the most empowering and profound times in life, the choosing of your own life, the rebirth where you get to say how it goes and you get to find out who you really are created to be and you get to live that life free from whatever was holding you back before. 

So as a team, as partners, or as a community let’s share more boldly how awesome it is to be recovering ourselves, how wonderful it is to be living free from the past, no matter what the past held, ok? 

So share about it, and you will discover that others are inspired by your walk and will often want to join you and journey with you. Promise. 

Today I want to share with you something someone shared with me and I love it. 

Do you ever find yourself in sticky conversations, ones where it feels like there is a right and a wrong position? Or just a relationship where it feels more like a fight than a difference of options. Maybe even there is simply some tension for any reason or no reason at all. 

So consider that you could easily reach in your pocket and slip on a red round clown nose and you wouldn’t need to say anything and the ethos would lighten up. Simply shifting the environment changes everything.

All too often we have a perception of someone or of some topic and the truth is that person or that topic can’t occur to us any other way, our previously created perception of them blocks us from experiencing them outside of our perceived view. The nose interrupts that and creates an opening for a new, often surprising, experience. Try it, I have put in the notes a link to where you can easily get them, even several, and give them to your friends or just put them in the pockets of several outfits, so they are always there and reminding you to lighten up, step back, allow some new perceptions in, you will be surprised by what shows up. 

So, as I sign off and until next time, put on your nose and experience something new, something lighter, and something joyful.