WOW, I think I shared recently that I created days that focus on one or another of my tasks in life. One of those days is my office day and I have loved the delineation and the freedom I experience with it. However, sometimes as we all know there are disruptions. Last week both of my office days got usurped by unexpected events and so today i find myself (after squeezing in the baking of a birthday cake) relieved to have the time to just sit and get caught up on office things. Oh, I can feel the pull that often shows up with I commit to something the pull that wants to intervene in my commitment and send me elsewhere, and yet, here I am, with you, sitting and taking a breath and I feel so good. 

So, thank you for being here with me. 

Have you ever felt like “it” wasn’t worth it? Whatever your “it” is, it could be recovery, relationship, exercise, diet, work, you name it, literally anything that requires we show up and stay present. It is the consistency over time lesson. I know if recovery there were many days when it didn’t “feel” worth it. I still experience those feelings some days. 

So, here is how I navigate those feelings. 

I play it out, all the way. Separate yourself from your day-to-day routine and take the time to either write it out or at least imagine it out. Let’s say you quit, you give up, you give in, then what, in your mind ( or on a piece of paper) let that scenario run, give it the feelings, the smells, the sounds, the frustrations give it all you’ve got and see where it goes. The truth is you already know where it goes as it got you HERE to this moment, the moment of wanting to give up. 

Yet, that is the good news, you are HERE, you have made progress and yes you are currently experiencing some” lessness of hope” but that is always how it is just before the next breakthrough. If you look back you will see that there have been many moments of “it isn’t worth it”, it actually takes those to get you to the next moment, you get to push through, it takes those to develop what it takes to keep going, it takes those to test your commitment and drive to heal, to recover, to stay married, to forgive, to strengthen, to eat well, to rest… whatever it is you are challenged to do, these moments are where the gumption is grown. Sure you could quit, but really, then what? The good news and the bad news is you can’t go back. 

The better news is that what lies ahead is SO WORTH the moment you are in, it is SO WORTH the challenge you are facing. What awaits you on the other side of this moment is yours to grasp and yes you may not be able to see if from where you are, but when you keep going, it will be there. 

I think this is why we aren’t designed to do life alone, we need one another. I do this podcast for just that reason, on the chance the whim that someone somewhere will hear what they need to keep going, to take the next step, to move closer and closer to knowing themselves as loved and loving. 

Is it worth it? I don’t know but I do know that YOU ARE WORTH IT. 

So as I sign off and until next time, breathe and keep going, the “more of love” always out lasts the  “less of hope.”