(transcript from the podcast of the same name)

WOW, once again, here we both are. Thank you for being there. Just this morning I received a note from someone who had listened in to a recent episode thanking me for the seeming perfection of that message. I love how that works, it isn’t me, it the beautiful, compassionate, and loving touch that only wants us to keep looking up, to keep believing in the goodness of life and the love that is pouring forth, even now. 

Have you ever been scrolling through your feed in IG and felt as if you needed to somehow be more, do more or have more?  I was thinking recently about how on IG  we don’t see the small things. Most of the feed focuses on the big things, the new book that’s been written or the house decorated, or the children all dressed in the cutest of clothes, all scattered among advertisements vying for our attention NOW? Sometimes I find myself wondering what happened to all the photos of my friends that seem somehow lost in the feed and rarely show up. 

Anyway, I noticed the other day how I keep going, especially after a big setback, it isn’t IG or anything BIG that nudges me along, it’s the small things. They are like the bread crumbs in Hanzel and Gretel leading the way back, for me back to my center, back to wholeness, back to me. 

How about you. When you get off-kilter how do find balance, how do you ground yourself out and return to your center? I suspect it’s the little things 

Here’s what I mean. Now it could be any upset, emotional, mental, physical, anything that challenges you and what you are committed to. 

I turn to the small things, like a hot bath, a new blush or lip color, even sitting down and doing my nails, or reading a poem, or having a cup of tea, or wearing a nicer blouse than usual. I set myself up with some “breadcrumbs”, something to look forward to, something to assist me in taking the next step, it doesn’t matter what it is it just needs to inspire or encourage you, no one else, just you. Encourage you along your way, whatever direction your way is for now. 

In the early days of recovery, it could be a cup of tea in a nice cup or setting aside some time to read in a book I was enjoying. Just some little things that helped me keep going. 

It’s like planting a seed and then caring for it. Until it sprouts and breaks through the surface you can’t even see it and yet you continue to care for it in hopes of what it will become. 

For me, it’s the same as the little things I  put in place along the way, no one really sees them, they don’t even matter that much, except they encourage me, they keep me looking up and out, they bring me moments of joy as I move towards whatever comes next. 

So, think about what you enjoy, what you appreciate, what you would love to receive, and then put those things in place for yourself, scatter them throughout your life and move towards them with expectation knowing that they are encouraging you onward. Oh sure, there will be BIG MOMENTS, BIG EVENTS, but I promise you how we reach them is by enjoying the little things along the way.

So as I sign off and until next time, scatter, scatter little things you can look forward to all through your days and then let yourself appreciate the moments they bring.