( a transcript of the podcast by the same name)

WOW oh WOW, I found myself continuing to think, feel and breathe in more deeply after recording the last episode. Death doesn’t just happen and then it is over, at least that wasn’t my experience, there were ripples of sadness, ripples of loneliness, ripples of memories even visions that felt as if the dead were still living as if they were here with me. Of course, there were all the actions, that my muscles remembered from having moved that way over and over again. Things I said, things I did, ways I related. 

Now remember as I said in the last episode, I’m not just talking about my cows I am talking about death, it could be the death of anyone or anything, and I am not comparing deaths, I am embracing all death brings. I believe there are some miraculous lessons here. 

As I shared with your death, in my experience, leads to love. Love is the light at the end of the tunnel of death. I also believe we need to walk that tunnel and let ourselves experience all the feelings that dying brings up. Don’t push them away, let them be, they are great teachers. 

Your death might look like a divorce, a job loss, a friend or family member dying, maybe a beloved pet, a bankruptcy, or even the ending of an addiction, anything that ends and leaves a void. Voids can feel vast. They can also feel frightening, lonely, sad, uncertain, and they can also feel curious, expansive, seductive, unknown.  Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to keep a space open, to not have it filled or fill it?  Think about it, a garage, a basement, a cupboard or drawer, even a closet, let alone a whole room.  I am learning to be in the void, to just let the void be, the space that used to hold something else, let it be empty. It doesn’t have to stay that way, just let it be for a while. Be curious about it. 

Sometimes I think we want to fill the void to avoid it. Don’t, just be with it. See what it wants to show you or teach you. 

That is the life after death I am talking about. 

Give it time. 

It is in that space that I experienced love showing up, rising to the surface. Being with the loss led me there, face to face with love. 

I found myself just being with that, the love. Breathing it in, exhaling it out, the endless loop of receiving and giving. 


Then there is the celebration. The rejoicing of what was and the celebration of what is. 

Let’s see how long we can be with what is and celebrate, give thanks and keep breathing.

It’s an amazing day, and I am grateful for you.