As the New Year unfolds and we continue to face challenges in gathering, celebrating, even just doing business as the division grows and people seem more against than for one another. I’m suggesting that we get still and go inward. It’s time to stop looking outside of ourselves for guidance and instead rely on some inner “knowing”. Some of the seemingly “crazy” guidance I received in early recovery now looking back I can see was the perfect next step. So as we begin to move forward let’s first get still and listen. 

I remember not knowing if I was hungry or full, not knowing what I wanted to do or where I was to go, it was as if my compass in life was broken as I was so used to referencing the way it had been and had no idea how to navigate this  new terrain. I feel like that now. We have businesses that were so successful and have now closed their doors, our people are laid off and the future is unknown. People are calling and registering complaints for those who aren’t wearing a mask as they believe they should be, the news says little else other than how bad it is and how much worse it will get, but wait… you and I we get to create our future, we get to determine where we put our attention, let’s take a look at what “recovery” offers us all as a model for living. 

Of course we may already or still need to downsize, I did then and am doing so now. Let’s first start by making a list of the three most important things to you in your life. Slow down, get still and listen as you ask yourself what those three things are and then write them down.

Then use them as a guide, an internal guide, to run your choices, your actions, your conversations by BEFORE you say or do them. For example, if you wrote down health you would look and see if what you are about to consume matches your commitment to being or staying healthy. Or if you wrote down family and yet you find yourself impatient, angry, or even disconnected from family members then realizing that those relationships matter to you would have you put some energy into healing or repairing them. At the very least taking the next step in reaching out and communicating with them.

I know this isn’t easy, these times are challenging for most of us. Many have experienced great loss and sadness, however it occurs to me as time to let go, as the sunsets in 2020. Time to put the past year behind us and begin to create anew, free from what was and focused on the question, “Now what?”

So if you refer to your three most important things in life how would you answer, “Now what?”

Take the time to work through this, and let what you discover guide your next steps.