What I/we put our attention on we are worshiping. It’s that simple. What is so amazing is you and I have the ability to shift our attention, thus to “worship” what we choose. Knowing that allows for us to expand our ability to focus on, to be mindful of, to voluntarily select what it is we want to appreciate in our lives. One definition of appreciate is to grow, or to expand. So the question is what do you want to grow? When I focus on being kind, when I keep my attention on kindness I experience more kindness, more kind people gather around, I experience others kindness. The same is true of love, or sharing, or any quality that you desire to have more of in your life. The key is it begins with you, with your attention. So this, my question, what are you appreciating? This is such an opportune time to practice (and it is a practice) to notice where our minds are worshiping and to redirect them towards what it is we want to experience more of. It is my prayer that we collectively choose, kindness, compassion, inclusion, peace, and love. What about you?