I grew up thinking to apologize was to admit I was wrong and someone else was right. I now see that interpretation didn’t really allow for something beyond the black and white view of being right or being wrong. I think this common view of apologizing limits our ability to create meaningful relationships, after all, it doesn’t feel good to be standing in a position of being right while my stand is making someone else wrong. SO, consider another way of viewing apology is taking responsibility for the impact your actions or inactions, what you have said or didn’t say had on someone else. From this vantage point, we actually move away from you or me, us or them experience and begin to create more workability, more connection. Consider wherever there is an experience of a loss of love or something in the way of the complete freedom to share openly, there is something you or I can apologize for. Look and see, try it on, Let me know how it goes. I usually end my apology with sharing what the person can now count on me for or asking if there is anything they need to hear from me or any request they have to restore love to our relationship. After all, I would rather be kind than right.