My husband is coming home. It’s a different homecoming than I might have imagined 11 weeks ago. While he has been away in Mexico, we, the World, has been in the experience of what is called a Global Pandemic. I couldn’t have imagined it would look like this, whatever “this” is. I am reminded that love is relational. It has started as we enter into our final week truly apart as a conversation, one about testing, isolation, and all the emotions that surface inside of those topics. As I sat around the farm campfire this morning and we all shared what we are feeling and learning about ourselves, I could see that if we want to usher in something new, something not given by our past, then we need to be willing to engage, to speak up and explore options for how we respond, relate and react NEWLY.

This process is not always about trust and fear as it seems to often be expressed, my experience is there are so many other opportunities for growth arising. Today I had the realization that the best way to move forward, in both my relationship, business, and in life is to see things NEWLY. To create ANEW, to INITIATE what inspires, encourages, and calls me forward into the best version of myself and others into the best version of themselves.