As Easter approaches, and we are still all in “Shelter in place”, I find myself listening for new ways to celebrate. Today we made a video on how to empty out the insides of a fresh farm egg (which we scrambled for breakfast) and then color, draw, paint or decorate the empty egg shells. We then filled them with small sweets and closed up the holes with a touch of glue and thin “onion skin” paper. Our regenerative version of the plastic egg!

This morning sitting in my silence I felt the now familiar “nudge” to offer communion with whomever is here on Easter Sunday. I watched in my mind as I was guided through what that might look like, feeling the warmth of love that was guiding me. I heard in my own words the story of Palm Sunday, Good Friday, The Last Supper, The Crucifixion, and the Resurrection. I was moved. I wasn’t speaking anything out loud, I was listening in my mind as I shared the story of a love so great that most of us can’t even wrap our heads around it, let alone our hearts. Somehow it is easier to hold onto some diminished version of who we are, rather than embrace the unconditional love that not only created us, but is a seed inside us as well.

How about this Sunday we all create some new way to break bread together, to come into union with one another, isn’t that part of the lesson we are all in the midst of together? What if there are no others? Who could each of us embrace? Happy Easter.