There is so much in a name. Naming the people, the situations, our feelings, all help us open our hearts and get in touch with the interconnectedness of life.

Until we name whatever it is that we are facing it is easy for it to seem larger than life. By naming things, situations, people, ourselves we begin to give them a framework, a boundary, a way of relating. 
Think about it for a moment, when you feel fearful, can you see that the fear, as you place your attention in it,  grows? 
I remember as a child being afraid of the dark, and my father would come into my room responding to my fearful call. He would attempt to reassure me of my safety however it never really helped UNTIL he said, “Just what are you afraid of?” I would then tell him, name it actually. I might say, on any given night, “Someone is under my bed.” To which he would reply, ” Well let me take a look and shine a light on it”. He would then take a flashlight and shine it under my bed and perhaps call, or name, what was under there, reassuring me that “someone” was not part of the underbed collection of toys, lost socks or stuffed animals. 
It wasn’t until I finally had a name for my eating disorder that I began to slowly heal from my previous interpretation of being possessed by evil. A feeling that had me battling against myself and losing. 
We all know that name calling can be harmful, that is the paradox or flip side of naming. We can offer up a hurtful name and in fact sometimes do, even to ourselves. Again, however, it gives us a framework in which to go to work. Naming brings up feelings. How do you feel when someone you care about says you are beautiful, or generous, or kind? How do you feel if they say you are selfish, greedy or mean? See how it works?
My question is what name or names have you given yourself? 
Make a list of all the names you apply to you. 
Then sit with that list and let yourself feel the feelings that those names illicit. 
Then next to the names on your list write out the feelings associated with that name. 
Continue down your list until you are finished. 
Now, add to your list (if they aren’t there
)I am precious.
I am wonderfully created. 
I am loved. 
Next to those write the feelings that arise, or in other words, shine the light on you. 
Now ask yourself, who do you want to know yourself as and begin to practice calling yourself by those names. 

I invite you to listen to the Unreasonably Grateful podcast by the same name as this post.