Befriending the inner quietude. Awakening to choosing moment to moment, and to being chosen.

The spiritual journey is just that, a journey. I don’t believe that any two peoples journeys are exactly alike. I know I have had to surrender to mine, and how it looked or looks, over and over again. I’m the type of person who would have simply followed the rules and done what I was told if I hadn’t learned the difficult lesson of, there really isn’t one way to live life. It’s a journey, my journey, your journey and it begins anew each morning when we open our eyes, and as my first grandchild said one morning 16 years ago as she awakened laying next to me,” I WOKED UP! ” As surprised as she could be. I found myself thinking where did my sense of wonder go? Do I awaken surprised each day, lit up about another day of life being so graciously given to me? How about you? Does it take at least one cup of coffee before you are up for having a conversation? What would life be like if we did awaken to nothing other than the bliss of yet another day of living? Let’s choose to try that on, ok?

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