We live in a world full of distractions and temptations. How might we see them, even use them to guide our choices. I have surrendered over and over again in quieting the temptations that would have had my life end long ago. I love to support others as they surrender also. Nothing inspires me more than someone being set free from something they thought might imprison them forever.

All temptations have a price tag, we just don’t know exactly what that price is, but somehow there comes a day when we choose to no longer pay it, instead we begin the journey of not giving in to the temptations and instead start the process of healing those broken off pieces of ourselves. That is a Hallelujah kind of day for me. It’s a day you will never forget or get over. I pray all those who feel trapped live that day for themselves, and I rejoice along with them when it comes. I encourage you to slow down, be sure where you are going is indeed in the direction of your most joy, you are deserving of that. Let’s all count our blessings daily.

While I wasn’t planning on my first few blog posts to be named the same as my first three episodes of my podcast, it has happened just that way and I invite you to listen to the podcast by the same name.